Wild Typography is a project on how typography can be used to explore how
type on billboards and telepromters can be used as an inspiration, not just
used for signage. This project explores typography as specimens by creating
a set of specimen cards. The letters taken from billboards and teleprompters are
disfigured and placed on glass slides to look like specimens.






The texts were collected while I was walking through Times Square, home to all of the amazing type and colors. I photographed over 100 letters throughout the course of two weeks I realized that I can really take advantage of the colors and the amazing textures in these letterforms.

Some of the requirements were to record temperature, location, time, and date.
All these observations immediately led me to think of the collection of bacteria or living organisms. After some research, I realized specimen slides are always labeled with the information I collected while taking photos of these letterforms. 

From there, I distorted the letterforms, only slightly, to make the forms look like bacteria. 


I was inspired by these vintage glass slides and decided to use a similar format for my
specimen slides.