UI/UX App Design
...inspired by my “Activism not Slacktivism” Project which
promotes younger audiences to do more than just “Like” posts.

Initial problem

Many people want to donate to their choice or organization but often find it burdensome
to donate a lot of money. In addition, they are often too lazy to repeatedly sign into
and donate funds to each individual organization.


How can we promote people to donate without feeling burdensome
about the cost while supporting a cause?


Why do people want to donate?


For those who feel motivated to support a cause without putting too much
pressure to donate large sums.  Donation is not just about supporting one cause,
there are multiple organizations that need support.


The goal is to create an app that allows users to distribute their monetary donations
through the forms of “likes” which are seen across most social media platforms.
This third party app will promote users to donate small increments by liking posts
connected to Facebook and Instagram. This will also help those who want recognition for
their donation while supporting multiple organizations through just a like.

App Mockup

Users can download the app called “Pitch In,” a term often used when groups of
people join in to contribute and “do their part.” The app allows users to put in an initial
amount of funds which then also get divided so that each like is worth the intended amount. 

Once the app is paired with Instagram/ Facebook, both apps will then be adjusted so that
the “Pitch” icon is available to like.

Computer Mockup

Can also be downloaded on computers through an extension. This extension
also makes changes to Facebook and Instagram so that users can like.


Adobe XD