Form in Motion (b/w)  is an exploration of how typography, in a 3-dimensional space,
can be ambiguous when geometric shapes mimic the forms of the typography. 

Form in Motion (colored) explores the ambiguity of forms in a space of constant
movements — in this case, of colored gradients. The video plays with the idea of gradients
that are partially masked and moving in a world of colors to see what shapes can be
produced through this masking.





The idea of ambiguous forms was inspired by doing research on Emil Ruder and his work with typography. The design on the right inspired me to explore the idea of positive and negative spaces and how ambigous shapes play with each other to create more interesting compositions.

Story Board

This is the 10 frame story board originally made that inspired Form in Motion. It was the start of an exploration on how the gradients interact with the shapes in the foreground.